Kyre Song is a visual artist exploring patterns, colors, textures, and repetitions. His medium of choice is acrylics on canvas.

“I like creating layers to give paintings a texture and a pattern,” he says. “I often use a paper towel to lightly press the wet paint, which creates an interesting texture. I also use a palette knife to scratch the paint, revealing the layers below.”

Kyre believes art conveys feelings as well as inspiring them. “I believe that art makes the viewer feel the emotions of the artist. And I want them to feel resourceful when they look at my paintings. Often, I put myself in a positive and meditative state intentionally, by listening to loud music, letting my body go. Anything to turn my brain off.”

Abstract expressionism allows him to do that. “I like the idea that there are no specific subjects and the viewer decides for themselves what they see,” he says. Disciplined and methodical in his professional design work, when he does art he shuts his mind down and lets his intuition take over.

What that process produces are vibrant artworks that are about abstractions: emotions, experiences, ideas—whatever the viewer brings to the painting. And that’s exactly what Kyre wants them to see.